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The Million Buck$ E-Book


I don't know about you, but I'm sick to death of being bombarded by scammers. They're everywhere - on the telephone, on emails, social sites and websites. Of course, there are different types of scammers and some are so clever and devious they could cost you
your life savings!

So what can be done about them? Well knowledge is key. If you can stay one step ahead you'll never get taken in by these evil people. I, along with my good friend Paul, decided to do something about these scam artists. After all, we both have been taken in by these
"ne'er-do-wells"in the past and we know of people who've been taken for many thousands of pounds, leaving them with all the worry and heartbreak.

What we decided to do was to create an ebook with a difference. First of all it would have information on how to spot scams and ensure you don't fall for their foul tricks.
Second, it would be a living ebook, meaning people who'd bought the book could send us their experiences of scams they or people they knew had fallen for. These would be published in the ebook. Of course, this one-off investment includes unlimited access to all future updates.

Third, there would be sections on money saving tips and mindset techniques. Again we would welcome "audience participation".

Fourth, the ebook would be affordable. Everyone, yes everyone, could afford the ebook.

Fifth, and maybe most importantly, there would be a whole section on running your own home-based business, giving instructions on how to make as much money as wished for, depending on how much action the reader was prepared to take.

Sixth, there would be a twist! Every purchaser of the book would be entered into a draw. Then, with every 100th ebook sold there would be a $100 winner. With every 1000th ebook sold there would be a $1000 winner. And, yes you've guessed it, with every millionth ebook sold there would be a $million winner. Wow, how great is that? Oh, and if you win a $100 you stay in the draw to have a chance on winning the higher prizes!

Paul and I would like to think of ourselves as "The good guys", meaning we are totally transparent and would never, ever, rip anyone off. I have been in business for over 40 years and can guarantee that in that time I have never "done the dirty" on anyone!

So where can you get this great ebook? Just click
www.TheMillionBucksEbook.com and you're ready to go. The site has my address and telephone number on - I don't hide from anyone!

So what are you waiting for? Go to
www.TheMillionBucksEbook.com now!

With very best wishes

Nigel Turner

Nigel Turner - co-author of "The Million Bucks E-Book".

P.S.  American dollars are the standard internet currency. Don't be put off by this because PayPal and credit card issuers convert to whatever your country's currency is.

P.P.S.  This ebook is a very small price to pay for what could potentially save and make you an absolute fortune!